Blue Whale

Beginning in 1979, the focus of our research has been on the rorqual whales, with particular emphasis on the blue whale. MICS was the first organization to carry out long-term studies of the endangered blue whale. We have since studied blue whales throughout the St. Lawrence, in the Sea of Cortez, and off Iceland and West Greenland. We have compiled extensive blue whale photo catalogues for the western North Atlantic and the Sea of Cortez. The former includes over 400 individual blue whales, while the latter includes over 300 individuals. Blue whales can be found in the St. Lawrence from April to January; however, they are seen regularly along the Québec North Shore from the Mingan/Anticosti Islands to the St. Lawrence Estuary from August to December. Concentrations are found in the Mingan/Anticosti region, off Sept-Îles, and from Pointe-des-Monts to Grandes Bergeronnes.



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