Influence of thermal fronts on habitat selection by four species of rorqual whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Abstract: Understanding the factors influencing habitat selection is critical to improving management and conservation plans for large whales. Many studies have linked the distribution of cetaceans to basic environmental features such as underwater topography and sea surface temperature (SST), but the mechanisms underlying these relationships are poorly understood. Dynamic mesoscale processes like thermal fronts are prime candidates to link physiographic...

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Photo-ID studies of fin whales in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea

Abstract: Stock structure hypotheses for North Atlantic fin whales, Balaenoptera physalus, have based largely molecular genetic analyses. This paper describes fin whale photo-identification catalogues in the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea that may house data useful for testing these hypotheses. There are three independent fin whale catalogues in the western North Atlantic. The North Atlantic Fin Whale Catalogue...

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