Relative abundance of large whales around South Georgia (1979-1998)

Abstract: To assess large-whale stocks following the cessation of land-based South Georgia whaling in 1965, we report three independent sighting databases: a A tribute to Ken Norris by Roger Payne. Anticipating that many others will we this opportunity to reaffirm Ken Norris’s secure place in the history of cetacean biology 1 will use the chance to talk about Ken as...

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Behavioral response of four species of balaenopterid whales to biopsy sampling

Abstract: Behavioral responses to biopsy sampling of four species of northwestern Atlantic balaenopterid whales summering in the estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec, from 1990 to "995 were studied to determine if this technique was an important disturbance to the whales. A total of 447 biopsy samples were taken using a small punch-type biopsy tip fired from a crossbow....

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