Long range movements of a blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) between the Gulf of St. Lawrence and West Greenland

Abstract: JonsgHrd (1 966) reviewed the distribution of the blue whale (Balaenoptera musczllus) in the North Atlantic. In the western North Atlantic the species is known from West Greenland (Davis Strait), southwest Iceland (Denmark Strait) (Ingebrigtsen 1929, Jonsgdrd 1955), and eastern Canada Uonsgdrd 1955, 1966). Little is known of the winter distribution but occasional sightingdstrandings have been reported from as...

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Status of the blue whale, (Balaenoptera musculus), in Canada

Abstract: The blue whale, Balaenoptera musculus (Linnaeus 1758) is the largest animal known to have lived on Earth with a maximum reported length of 33.6m (110ft) although the longest scientifically validated was 29.9m (98ft). Three subspecies have been designated: the largest B.m. intermedia is found in Antarctic waters; B.m. musculus in the Northern Hemisphere; and B.m. brevicauda, from the sub-Antarctic...

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