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Comparison of the Northwest Atlantic-NWA and Northeast Atlantic-NEA Blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) photo-identification catalogs

Presented as a poster at the Society for Marine Mammalogy conference in 2015, San Francisco Abstract:    Despite the first St Lawrence (1984) to Azores (2014), match-comparison of Northwest Atlantic(NWA) and Northeast Atlantic(NEA) blue whale catalogs revealed no further matches, which suggests two largely discrete blue whale populations in the North Atlantic. One population ranges from West Greenland, South along...

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Next level fission fusion society: fin whales

Presented at the 2016 European Cetacean Society Conference in Madeira, Portugal.  Abstract Baleen whales are generally thought to be less social than odontocetes, particularly outside their breeding season, but remain comparatively poorly studied except for humpback whales.. Here we analysed the social structure of a population of fin whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence based on 4915 sightings of...

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