Influence of thermal fronts on the distributionand behaviour of four species of rorqual whales from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Quebec , Canada

Abstract: A large number of ecological studies are devoted to finding quantitative relationships between animal distribution and basic environmental features. Sea surface temperature (SST) for instance has been frequently used to analyze patterns of distribution in cetaceans but results have been quite variable and at times contradictory. Some studies have recently begun to use oceanographic features that are more complex...

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Comparison of St. Lawrence blue whale vocalizations with field observations

Abstract: During four field seasons from 1998–2001, vocalizations were recorded in the presence of St. Lawrence blue whales using a single omni-directional hydrophone. Both long duration infrasonic calls (~18 Hz, 5–20 s) as well as short duration higher frequency calls (85–25 Hz, ~2 s) were detected and compared with field observations. Two trends were noted. First, the long infrasonic call...

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