Auction! A bid for whale research!


Prominent local Quebec artist Lynne Bedbrook (Moonwolf Paintings) donates two gorgeous underwater paintings depicting humpback whales to help MICS fund its research!

The online auction will be running until Dec 24th. Check out the auction website!


The Sea and its creatures have been fascinating humans for centuries, even millennia, as can attest the numerous cultural references we still hold dear today. From 40,000 year-old petroglyphs depicting boats, to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and Disney’s Finding Nemo. 

Artist Lynne Bedbrook (Moonwolf Paintings) had an encounter with some of our oceans’ most majestic inhabitants (well, we are a little biased!). This is how she described her encounter with humpback whales:

“I went snorkelling with these humpbacks off the coast of the Dominican Republic. The Silver Banks are a place where mothers come to birth and nurture their young before swimming them back to the North. It was the most moving experience of my life. I thought I was going to look at whales, but it turned out they were looking at me. They shared these intimate moments of their lives so graciously and with such awareness of us.”

When Lynne got back to her home province of Quebec, she felt the need to immortalise what she had seen in the warm Dominican waters through painting.


Eye o the whale - Lynne BedbrookThe Eye of the Whale by Lynne Bedbrook


Being aware of the threats these animals face, she decided to generously donate two of her paintings to MICS to help us raise funds for our research. “Unfortunately, many of [these whales’] young may not survive their first year, mainly due to human activity (ship collisions, entanglements in fishing gear, noise and plastic pollution, …). This is why I am trying to bring their situation to the public view. I implore people to awaken to the magnificence of these creatures, their intelligence, their place in our world. I ask that people give generously of their money, their time, their concern and their intent to this project to help save these beings and our oceans” says Lynne.


Humpback whale calf - Lynne BedbrookHumpback whale calf by Lynne Bedbrook


You could be staring into the eyes of these wondrous creatures every day in your living room, plus you would be contributing to MICS’ efforts in carrying out its long-term research and in turn, their conservation.


Mockup calf

(Painting mock up - display suggestion)


Eye mockup

(Painting mock up - display suggestion)


The auction will be running until Dec 24th. Check out the auction website!


About the artist:

Lynne Bedbrook is an artist based in Wakefield, Quebec. More information about her art can be found on her Moonwolf Paintings site.