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THE GRAND BLUE - Fundraiser

You are cordially invited to join Mr. Richard Sears and members of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study research team for a fun and inspiring evening at the Biodome of Montreal.   The evening will feature food preparation by renowned Max Morin-Dubois and staff from L'Echoppe des Fromages, unique musical performances, a silent auction, special guests, a presentation by the MICS...

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Symphony’s Movements

B244 a female blue whale named Symphony was first seen in the St Lawrence during the summer of 1988 and has returned quite regularly since then. Despite a very low number of blue whales sighted in the St Lawrence in 2014, B244 was observed in the Estuary off Forestville in October. And on November 4th a satellite tag was placed...

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The Grand Blue 2015 - Summary

March 16th, at the Montreal Biodôme, we held a fundraiser night to finance our next field season and hopefully continue the longest study on the endangered blue whales. Increases in prices of insurances, permits, and in general plus the lack of funding, is threatening research and specially long term study all over the world. Losing such long data sets is...

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Limited edition Blue whale guitar for Auction

Blue Whale guitar Limited Edition for charity in Auction. Starting bid: 12 000$ It's all about the blue whale! It is no coincidence that this extraordinary guitar shares its name with the giant of the oceans. Nik Huber Guitars in cooperation with MICS has offered this stunning piece of guitar art in a 25-piece limited edition. This instrument is up...

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Her Name Was Alacran

By Zack MetcalfeIt took us eight minutes to spot our first whale after leaving harbour. Just eight minutes before field biologist Katy Gavrilchuk pointed parallel to the coast of Gaspé and shouted "eleven o'clock!"The world's largest animals are remarkably difficult to see on the open ocean. Even their titanic bodies make only a modest impression on the horizon, like a...

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A Kickstarter campaign for Satellite Tags!

Check out this Kickstarter campaign launched by WhaleNet in order to raise funds for satellite tag research and education in 45 days!   Find out more about WhaleNet on their website and on their Facebook page.    The MICS Team

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Best wishes from the President

December 20th, 2015 Dear Friends of MICS,   We have gotten through our 37th field season in large part due to the generous support of MICS supporters. Our goals remain the pursuit of long-term studies of rorquals in the St. Lawrence and North Atlantic, with special attention to the endangered blue whale. As we move towards 2016, we need your...

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Blue whale Gaspé

2015-2016: Blue whale review

2015-2016: Blue whale review   Damp beginnings, Finback Frenzy   The 37th season was marred by extended cool, foggy dampness, and endless windy rain pelted days early on.  By late July, however the elements seemed to remember that summer needed to have its moment.  And the brief glimpses had by our team of finbacks and minkes in good numbers along...

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