Every little helps

December 12, 2014

Dear Friends of MICS,

Since 1979, our principal goal has been to pursue long-term ecological studies of marine mammals in the St. Lawrence ecosystem, with emphasis on the rorqual whales-lead by studies of the endangered blue whale.

We are preparing for our 37th field season in 2015 and we need your support order to meet the challenge of keeping a research team in Mingan in the coming year. Increased budget cuts in wildlife research in Canada has resulted in meager government funding, and costs continue to increase every year, while funding is more and more scarce. We strive to keep overhead to a minimum in order that your donations are used predominantly to fund research, not administrative costs.

Your donations, are vital in maintaining our field research efforts and operating our research station each year. We are confronted with growing pressure and threats to the St Lawrence ecosystem, from increased shipping, toxic, organic, and acoustic pollution, oil exploration, food chain disruption and climate change.

Your support at this critical juncture will give us the means to reach the next vital step in development of our research.

Your donations support our long-term research and ability to continue adding to this invaluable data set. Funding of the station and its research enables us to continue to offer internships and accept graduate students, as well as education programs for the general public. We invite you to our web site (www.rorqual.com) newsletter, facebook, and research pages to read about recent projects and results.

If you feel that independent studies of marine ecosystems and marine mammals are important please make a donation. You can make payments directly on line or by sending checks to MICS at 285 Green, St. Lambert, Qc J4P 1T3 Canada. We are a US 501 c 3 non-profit and Canadian Federal Charity and can issue receipts for tax purposes.


Remember - no donation is too small, every little helps!

The MICS team wishes you the best for the New Year,

Richard Sears – President