Blue whale ecotourism in the Azores

Join of a small group lead by Richard Sears founder of MICS, to discover the blue whales of the Azores.

This session is geared to learn more about eastern North Atlantic blue whales, which pass by the Azores on their way North to Icelandic and Norwegian waters. Fieldwork will include photo-identification, behavioural observations, and acoustic recordings in order to better understand eastern North Atlantic blue whale ecology. We use 8-9m RIB inflatables and require a minimum of 5 participants to offer this program, however groups will not exceed 9 participants.

Sperm whales, Risso's, and common dolphins can be seen regularly, and in April-May in addition to blues, other rorquals including humpback, fin, and sei whales can be observed. Orcas, false killer whales, pilot and beaked whales, can also be sighted, not to mention turtles, shearwaters, and myriad planktonic organisms in surface waters.

This session, which runs from April 25 and to May 2, includes lodging, all meals, and tranfers on Pico Island. The cost is 2000 Euros for the research session. Flight not included.

By taking part in a research session, you are supporting a long-term research project, that aims to better understand blue whale ecology.

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The following is a video taken in 2014 in the Azores