Vote for MICS!

MICS is one of five charitable wildlife organizations participating in the Call for the Wild campaign of Jamieson Laboratories, a leading natural health product provider. The campaign lasts from August 16 to September 18 and Jamieson Laboratories will donate a total of 100,000 $ among the 5 NGOs. How much MICS will receive depends entirely on you! Everyone can vote for their favourite NGO on the Jamieson facebook page (also non-facebook members), and the NGOs will receive the equivalent of the vote share. I.e. If MICS gets 5% of the total votes, we will get 5,000$, if we get 20%, 20,000$ and so on. So please vote for us! Everyone can vote once per day and with different e-mail addresses – so come back every day and cast your vote for MICS! You will have to enter your name and email address and postal code, so that the system can check if you've voted already. There is a box which you can tick if you want to get information from Jamieson laboratories or not. Your data will not be used or forwarded to anybody else. The link to vote for us is:

Your foreigner postal code should be valid, but if not, you can use the station one G0G 1V0.
Please feel free to send this link to any of your friends who might be interested in supporting a good cause. Thanks! The MICS team.