Where did we go and what did we see? Field Season 2000

Year after year our objectives remain the same at MICS: cover as much of the St. Lawrence as possible in order to properly study the distribution and dispersal of blue, fin, humpback, and minke whales. To achieve these goals we have to be very mobile-whales rarely stay put very long. Based in Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan on the Quebec North Shore our main...

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Finback whale 21 years later !

We can say this is really an old acquaintance! This year, in the St. Lawrence estuary, the MICS team took a picture of a finback whale which has a really distinctive dorsal fin! Matching the picture proved easy and was quickly done. And guess what? The picture we have in our catalogue dates from 1979! This individual is F024 and...

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Loreto Blues and Orcas

Michael Fishback, just back from Loreto reports that blue whales are present in the area and he was able to take a few photo-Ids.He reports here on the sighting of an orca attack on a Bryde's whale on the East Side of Carmen Island on February 4. Location: south ofPunta Perico, Carmen Island, Sea of Cortez Travelling north along the...

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Meeting Humpbacks

For more than 20 years, familiar humpbacks have come to feed in the St. Lawrence and this summer was no exception with more than 30 well-known individuals. This season was rich, weather was mild and our team was able to work in different areas of the gulf. These expeditions were successful because we were able to observe the movements of...

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