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Humpback fluke cover photo

2017: Record year for humpbacks!

 2017 shattered our humpback whale identification record!   A humpback whale exposes the underside of its fluke as it dives into the  St. Lawrence. The yellowish coloration is due to the diatoms (phytoplankton) that will temporarily "stick" to their skin during the feeding season.   2017 was a great year for research at MICS, with plenty of photo-identified individuals across...

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The Great Wave - Hokusai

AUCTION: whale paintings

AUCTION: whale paintings   The Sea and its creatures have been fascinating humans for centuries, even millennia, as can attest the numerous cultural references we still hold dear today. From 40,000 year-old petroglyphs depicting boats, to Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and Disney’s Finding Nemo. Famous painters have been capturing marine landscapes across the globe - think of William Turner, Katsushika...

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Top photo

2017, a great year for research

2017, a great year for research   For a change, here is a brief summary of the research season in infographic form!  

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1-NARW flating carcass and boat

When things go wrong for Right Whales

When things go wrong for Right Whales   [This blog was originally published on the Royal Ontario Museum's website on March 8th, 2018]   A floating right whale carcass in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Found and analysed by scientists. Photo by DFO and The Canadian Press   Right whales were featured heavily in the news throughout the latter half...

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Stranded humpback whale

Live strandings: opinion piece

Humpback whale that stranded alive on the coast of the Magdalen Islands. Photo by Daniel Cyr. Good intentions aren't enough: Refloating baleen whales won't save them   The following is an opinion piece about live strandings by Dr. Christian Ramp, Research Coordinator at MICS.    The 2018 season has not yet started and already two dead humpback whales were reported...

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Blue whale in the Azores - Apr 2017

Blue Whales of the North-East Atlantic: 2017-2018

  Blue Whales of the North-East Atlantic: 2017-2018   A blue whale taking a breath off the coast of Pico Island in April 2017. The blue whale was so named after the bright blue hues that are reflected from its body underwater. Pico, 2017 We returned to Lajes do Pico during the last days of April 2017 to pursue our...

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