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Fin whale entanglement study: 1st year results

Fin whale entanglement project: 1st year results   After analysing the results of our scar study, a full report was submitted to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada for review.  The findings of our first year reveal that we have been underestimating the problem of entanglement for fin whales (and probably blue whales as well), so it is imperative...

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Job postings for the 2019 summer

Job postings - summer 2019     MICS is looking to fill 5 positions for this summer, please click on the respective job descriptions for more details:  3 interns, French language required (Internship description - FR only) 1 team members, French- or English-speaking (Team member description FR / EN) 1 boat captain, French- or English-speaking (Captain job description - FR)...

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