Whale Research Tourism Expeditions

Immerse yourself in the marine mammal fieldwork that MICS has conducted for 40 years!





Every year, MICS offers the public the unique opportunity to participate in their research on marine mammals in the form of ecotourism expeditions known as “research sessions”.   

Research Adventures are the cornerstone of our education programs, during which nature enthusiasts can participate in our studies and observe the world's largest animals. We offer one-week or two-week research sessions at various study sites throughout the North Atlantic where participants get to experience the life of a whale researcher first hand alongside our field team.


Participants become "research apprentices" who learn and use different techniques employed by biologists who study cetaceans in the field. This is a unique educational experience and adventure for nature lovers who wish to gain extensive knowledge of cetaceans and our research techniques while funding our long-term research. 


MICS Whale Research Adventure

Breaching humpback whale


Our adventures offer the public the opportunity to escape to the solitude of the sea and immerse themselves in an educational adventure. 

We are certain that experiencing the graceful breach of a 40-ton humpback whale, a close encounter with an 85-foot blue whale, or being engulfed in a group of 500 Atlantic white-sided dolphins will leave a lasting impression.

All MICS Adventures include room and board! 

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Right whale close to the boat

A right whale surfaces close to the boat



Your Vacation Benefits Research and Conservation

The research sessions we offer provide us with the funds needed to carry out field studies in the immediate Mingan/Anticosti study area, the St. Lawrence Estuary, and beyond to the Azores. By participating in our research sessions you support our work financially and contribute directly to various aspects of the fieldwork.

ATTENTION: For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept pregnant women or children under 12 years of age. Please note that navigation onboard our boats is not recommended for people suffering from severe back ache.