Donate to MICS

MICS is a Canadian non-profit research organization. All donations made to MICS are tax-deductible.

We are often asked how we fund ourselves. We have survived into over 25 years by combining funds provided by grants from both governmental (federal and provincial) and private foundations (WWF, IFAW, Fondation de la Faune du Québec, and the Canadian Whale Institute). This money is added to income from the research sessions, day trips, and museum tours. We sell t-shirts, books, posters, and many other items in our museum store.

Donate to MICS

Our aim is to achieve a financially self-sufficient state that will continue to provide students with the opportunity to carry out graduate studies and to provide our researchers the support they require to pursue the long-term studies that are the essence of our mandate.

There are a number of ways that you can support us:

  1. Become a MICS Friend to support our long-term research such as that is crucial to understanding and protecting marine mammals. You can help us better understand the threats that these animals are facing in such a changing environment. A MICS FRIENDS subscription will give you access to:
    • Your very own special newsletter 3 times a year with more in-depth detail about MICS news and research advances.
    • The top three cetacean photos of the field research season in high resolution at the end of the season for you to print at home.
    • Donations start at $50 ($25 for students)
  2. Adopt a Whale
    • Single individual: $110.
    • Special offer $180: You can adopt the famous mother-calf pair Aramis and TicTacToe together for only.
    • Special Adoption Request $555. If you want to adopt a whale other than the ones listed here, such as a whale you have seen with us in the field, you may also adopt it, and a similar adoption package will be custom-made for you for $555.
  3. Donate to MICS : other one-time donations under $50


Donation receipts: We provide donation receipts for tax purposes for donaitons of $100 or more. If you require a donation receipt for a lesser amount, please donate to us via CanadaHelps.