Team Member

Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental studies at the University of Sherbrooke and continues her studies with a minor in Indigenous Studies at the University of Montreal. 


Her professional path is punctuated by field internships in limnology; projects on the protection of marine species at risk in the St. Lawrence; participations in food security initiatives; and experiences abroad that offered a different window on the fragility of ecosystems.


Despite the different interests that drive her, she keeps one foot in the aquatic field, as she has been dreaming of the sea and large cetaceans since she was young. She hopes to combine her multiple interests to build a society that is more respectful of Nature and more enthusiastic about social and climate justice.


Sarah joined the MICS in 2022 to reconnect with her first passion for marine environments, large mammals, and the salty wind. By surveying the St. Lawrence, she hopes to participate in research efforts aiming to understand better the great whales, the threats to their population, and the changes observed in the river in order to protect these cetaceans.