Maude Arseneault 2

Team Member

​​Maude was fascinated by the aquatic world from an early age and to discover it more closely, she started scuba diving. This desire to share her interest led her to work at a diving center which allowed her to surround herself with people who had the desire to discover marine biodiversity.

From these experiences, she realized that she wanted to do much more than just observe the sea floor. She wanted to understand it and seek its conservation. To achieve this goal, Maude enrolled in the Bioecology Techniques program at St. Lawrence College. She discovered research in the laboratory as well as in the natural environment.

 During her studies, she worked on a research project on the impact of agriculture and the potential presence of the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis on the benthic macroinvertebrate populations of Belize.

 Maude enjoys being in contact with nature, she likes kayaking, bouldering, biking or any other activity you can suggest that gives her an adrenaline rush. One of her dreams is to travel to South Africa and dive in the Kelp Forest with the seals.

 In September 2022, she will continue her studies at Laval University in marine biology with a research concentration.