Gabrielle Panyszak

Team Member

Gabrielle grew up in Rawdon, Lanaudière an area far away from the Saint-Lawrence estuary. Nonetheless, she knew she wanted to work with the sea, specifically with whales, since she was eight years old thanks to a school trip in Tadoussac. 

Her education has been smooth sailing, graduating the Technique de Bioécologie in La Pocatière in 2021 and starting her bachelor’s degree in marine biology at the Université du Québec à Rimouski right after. Gabrielle’s love for animals led her to do an internship in animal rehabbing in the spring of 2021 and she continues to volunteer at an animal shelter whenever she has the time.

She started her career at MICS in 2021 in an internship and then officially joined the team in 2022. “Gabby” still gets excited whenever she sees an animal even if she has the opportunity to go out on the water a few times a week. She feels blessed to be able to work in a domain that aims protection and research on her favorite animals and hopes to do so for a very long time.