Team member

Florine grew up in the west of France; passionate about the marine world since childhood, she discovered the world of cetaceans through books and documentaries. In 2015, during her Technical Certificate in General Zoology, she came upon the world of cetaceans as an intern at MICS. Since then, she has pursued her dream by coming back every summer as a team member! Over the years, she participated in various cetacean research projects, as a research assistant. The projects included the two organizations; « ELI-Scientific » in Nicaragua in 2016 and « Whales of Guerrero Research Project » in Mexico in 2017. Both organizations are studying the evolution of humpback whale populations and the different species of dolphins in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

New Zealand being one of her flagship destinations, Florine flew there to visit the vast Middle-Earth territories (i.e. The Lord of the Rings), and worked on a catamaran for « Auckland Whale & Dolphin Safari » as a naturalist. During her degree, she worked in various organizations from farming (cows, horses etc) to Puy du Fou’s falconry, in Vendée. While working in the falconry, Florine introduced birds of preys to the public through shows and participated in care-taking and training of younger individuals. For her, working in captivity was an eye opener to the daily lives of captive animals. Ever since, she has since been invested in studying and protecting animals in their natural environment.

Concerned by the impacts of human activity on the planet, she recently created a microenterprise in France to educate the young and old on the importance of protecting nature and the marine environment.