Christophe Ronveaux

Team member

Christophe’s journey is eclectic and multicultural: he arrived in Quebec in 2017 after living in Europe (Belgium, France), Latin America (Bolivia, Mexico) and Africa (Burkina Faso). He  first considered becoming a professional plane pilot but then went to study fundamental physics at the University of Montpellier (UM2) in 2012. Eventually, he found his path in biology and completed his Bachelor of Science degree with a specialization in ecology in 2022, almost 10 years after beginning his physics studies. 

As a nature lover and  keen gardener interested in permaculture, he wants to do his part about the restoration of a planet that respects all life.

Christophe joined MICS in 2021 (first as an intern then as a team member) to learn more about scientific approaches toward  marine mammal conservation, and every day he thanks the whales for sharing a few moments in his company. He puts his good humor, practical sense and  cooking recipes at the service of the team.